EarthLove (6.35) our humorous and poetic music and dance film on YouTube 
Filmed in Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden, with 6 dancers, based on a remix by Kent Olofsson. (Not updated poster, will be updated soon). 

The song EarthLove remix at Youtube

12th of June, EarthLove ONLINE STREAMING

(3 days; June 12th to 15th – EXPERIMENTAL, DANCE AND MUSIC


Experimental Dance & Music Film Festival (Los Angeles, Toronto, New York)

Video clip Bodymouth on Facebook 

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from 'A Chorus of Geohaptic Tones' (2022)
Julieanna Preston/Felicia Konrad

Oracle Poetry  Oracle II

A part of a series of sound/voice performance piece with more than human focus.

Finn Lines Malmö: the sound of 1 ferry 6 km from the place where I am. Sound underwater is moving around 1500 m/s in saltwater. - what you hear is recorded from a small concrete sediment, and when the ferry is passing the sediment is diminishing the sound and then suddenly a ringing sound, and then...the sound of a small motorboat from a minor harbor situated next to the concert sediment, and then the sound grows stronger from the ferry heading to the harbor in Malmö. 

Precious Balance Walk (13.24)

streaming in Sweden

worldwide at Vimeo: 

8th of June On World Ocean Day our film Precious Balance Walk (13.24) will be screened nonstop at Malmö Art Hall.

Breathing Water: Tina Quartey, David Carlsson,
Mats Persson, Felicia Konrad

Water Dialogues
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Ongoing sound piece: Breathing Water

Live Performance Concert: Body of Water,

Outdoor, Malmö Art Museum: 2020: 

Film clips: 2econd version at the Gallery Weekend Konstfrämjandet  St Pauli Church, Sept 2022

3ird version 3 hr durational  at Malmöfestivalen 2023
16/8 2023 on youtube the last 14 minutes flowing improvisation

she says, she says: geo-sonic entanglements

Julieanna Preston and Felicia Konrad

2023 (7.46) experimental video poem.

We are two women on opposite sides of the earth, Aotearoa and Sweden, twelve hours and 18,000 kilometers apart. Unlike conventional long-distance conversations by letters, email, telephone, or Zoom calls, the sounds emanating from our two bodies become entangled with the materiality of the world such that they become almost indistinguishable from its generative matrix. Our voices lose their autonomous nature; they cross over one another indiscriminately, traversing the distance as new folded geo-poetic sediments and sentiments.

We cast our voices outward from bellies, through throats, over tongues, against cheeks, and across teeth and lips to join currents of wind, oceans, and other material substances that constitute the matter of the worlds we inhabit.

Our chatter extends the haptic nature of our environments to describe that which is felt and that which is immediate, emotional, vibrant, visceral and aethereal.

We imagine the sound waves touching the material world as they make their way to each other. These sounds affect and are affected by the mass, substance, and surface of these materials.

They are slowed down, hastened, fractured, filtered, bounced, absorbed, and blended along the path that is very far from straight or efficient.

Often the sound is stretched, spun, compacted, or distorted by the force of the earth’s rotation and the serendipitous nature of moving image and audio software such that the sound becomes unfamiliar, alien, or unrecognizable from its original form.

This video poem wonders what it is for the material world to touch back. (text: Julieanna Preston)