Umbilical Cord (C; Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen)

Felicia Konrad f. 1964 

multidisciplinary artist

voice sound art performance music text film
cultural project leader artivist/climate activist

I work solo, in collaborations, interactive, and collective. 

The intuitive art project I Still Live in Water

that made the award-winning film  Precious Balance Walk

with the song; Water is Instinct (Carlsson/Konrad/Persson)

and just released the music and dance film: EarthLove

Collaboration/Ongoing Sound Piece;
Breathing Water (Konrad/Carlsson/Persson/Quartey)

Playlist Spotify

Live performance concert: Body of Water, film documentation


2022-2023 collaboration with Julieanna Preston, artist/professor in spatial arts, Ōtaki, Aotearoa: 'A chorus of Geohaptic Tones'; presented at Voices in and out of Place: Misplaced, Displaced, Replaced, and Interlaced Voices hosted by
Vicarious Vocalities, Newcastle University, UK, 2022

I participated in 'Word Weather's online performance writing

Coming audiovisual piece; She says, she says 
Sonic Geo-Entanglements 2023

'The Oracle'; solo voice and sound performance work, will be taken up and worked with again but not yet decided when. 

I was approved for the intensive I course, on a waiting list to proceed to become a certified instructor in
Deep Listening/Pauline Oliveros.


I am like endless artists and curators in worldwide networks working with the themes and explorations of the more-than-human world, making kin, becoming- with (Donna Haraway), multispecies, entanglement (Merlin Sheldrake, Karen Barad,) Hydrofeminism/Bodies of Water (Astrida Neimanis) interconnectedness, geo/eco poetry performance, deep listening (Pauline Oliveros), sensuous learning (Sisters Hope), co-existence in multiple ways. 

Instagram; @feliciavoiceperformer

As I am an activist I use

and on other pages, I store posts, photos, etc.

and as an archive;

Grants and financial support

2020 Malmö City Cultural Support, project development support for the sound piece/installation Andas Vatten/Breathing Water 

2019 Nordic Culture Fund, for the short film Precious Balance Walk

2019 Boost Helsingborg, support for the mentor Jenifer Malmqvist

2019-20 Film Center South, Precious Balance Walk

2018 Helge Ax.son Johnsons foundation. (Voice Cloud)

2016 and 2011 The Swedish Art Grants Comitté/Music.

2015 Malmö City Cultural Support  (To carry water. To carry 5890 liters one day/I Still Live in Water)

2002 The Swedish Art Grants Comitté, project; 20 concerts in Västra Götaland with Konrad Band 2002. 

2002 Region Västernorrland, Performance; Mouth Piece/Munstycke


2022 Aug-Dec Deep Listening Intensive, Pauline Oliveros

2019-2020 Art Sound, Hola Folkhögskola, Sweden

2000-2002 Cultural Project Leading, Kulturverkstan, Gothenburg, Sweden

2002 Music and Management, The Royal College of Music, Gothenburg

1999-2000 Musicology, Göteborg University

1992-1993 Method acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York and London.
1985-1986 Literary Studies, Stockholm University