Umbilical Cord (C; Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen)

Felicia Konrad f. 1964 

multidisciplinary artist

voice sound art performance music text film
cultural project leader artivist/climate activist

I work solo, in collaborations, interactive, and collective. 

The intuitive art project I Still Live in Water

that made the award-winning film  Precious Balance Walk

with the song; Water is Instinct (Carlsson/Konrad/Persson)

Collaboration/Ongoing Sound Piece;
Breathing Water (Konrad/Carlsson/Persson/Quartey)

Playlist Spotify

Live performance concert: Body of Water, film documentation


Earthlove music/dance/art film, based on a remix by Kent Olofsson will be completed in June, and then step by step

we will work with the process to bring it out into the world.
(For more info click on work) 

During 2022-2023 collaboration with Julieanna Preston, artist/professor in spatial arts, Ōtaki, Aotearoa: 'A chorus of Geohaptic Tones'; presented at Voices in and out of Place: Misplaced, Displaced, Replaced, and Interlaced Voices hosted by
Vicarious Vocalities, Newcastle University, UK, 2022

I participated in 'Word Weathers's online performance writing

Coming audiovisual piece; She says, she says 
Sonic Geo-Entanglements 2023

'The Oracle'; solo voice and sound performance work, will be taken up and worked with again but not yet decided when. 

I was approved in the intensive I course, on a waiting-list for to proceed to become a certified instructor in Deep Listening/Pauline Oliveros.


During the covid pandemic, my network around the world expanded. I participated in numerous webinars,  workshops, writing circles, artistic festivals, and performances online. 

I am like endless artists and curators, in these worldwide networks working with the themes and explorations of the more-than-human world, making kin, becoming- with (Donna Haraway), multispecies, entanglement (Merlin Sheldrake, Karen Barad,) Hydrofeminism (Astrida Neimanis) interconnectedness, geo/eco poetry performance, deep listening (Pauline Oliveros), sensuous learning (Sisters Hope), co-existence in multiple ways. 

Instagram; @feliciavoiceperformer

As I am an activist I use

and on other pages, I store posts, photos, etc.

and as an archive;

Grants and financial support

2020 Malmö City Cultural Support, project development support for the sound piece/installation Andas Vatten/Breathing Water 

2019 Nordic Culture Fund, for the short film Precious Balance Walk

2019 Boost Helsingborg, support for the mentor Jenifer Malmqvist

2019-20 Film Center South, Precious Balance Walk

2018 Helge Ax.son Johnsons foundation. (Voice Cloud)

2016 and 2011 The Swedish Art Grants Comitté/Music.

2015 Malmö City Cultural Support  (To carry water. To carry 5890 liters one day/I Still Live in Water)

2002 The Swedish Art Grants Comitté, project; 20 concerts in Västra Götaland with Konrad Band 2002. 

2002 Region Västernorrland, Performance; Mouth Piece/Munstycke


2022 Aug-Dec Deep Listening Intensive, Pauline Oliveros

2019-2020 Art Sound, Hola Folkhögskola, Sweden

2000-2002 Cultural Project Leading, Kulturverkstan, Gothenburg, Sweden

2002 Music and Management, The Royal College of Music, Gothenburg

1999-2000 Musicology, Göteborg University

1992-1993 Method acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York and London.
1985-1986 Literary Studies, Stockholm University